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Rey’s latest collection 'Interstellar' is an artistic exploration of deep space, produced from inspirational images captured by NASA. The body of work transmits a mixture of serene and powerful movements, combined with a stunning iridescence of colours found in the wonders of our galaxy and beyond. It is Rey’s fourth art collection, following his first ‘Dimensions’, second ‘Paradiso’ and third ‘Atmosphere’.


Movement is a key component of Rey’s work, giving tremendous energy and a beautiful flow through each artwork. For his creations, Rey takes inspirational source images and transforms them into unique pieces of contemporary art by 'painting with light', before printing them in huge immersive scales. It is a process he has termed ‘Phototranscendence’, which creates strokes much like those of a painters’ brush, whilst preserving the original colour palette. Inspired by meditational practice where one can often see auras and movements of light, Rey takes us on a journey, to blur the lines between known dimensions, creating unique artworks to represent the transcendence of energy flows into what is termed the ‘Quantum’ and beyond. 

‘Interstellar’ stands as a celebration of mankind’s exploration of world’s beyond our own and a greater understanding of the deeper universe. The great grandson of the eminent scientist, Gordon Miller Bourne Dobson, CBE FRS, who did historic work on atmosphere and whose measurement ‘The Dobson Unit’ is still used by NASA to today, the artist takes us on a journey through new realms of science and space.

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