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All artists have a touch of magic in their soul that they endeavour to share with the world. Those to whom that art speaks are touched by that special magic. A language that surpasses the time that has passed since the creation of the art and the connection with the viewer. The suspension of time can only be described as magical. 


Joth Shakerley, is a photographer capturing moments in time that are each special in and of themselves. His ability to recognise the “here and now" properties beautifully capturing and preserving them, in his art, makes him a sort of alchemist.  Shades of Ansel Adams, are to be found in Joth’s work in and with nature, including the images with deeply human subjects. The humans are part of the energy of nature incorporated into the landscapes. There are also, certain elements of Robert Mapplethorpe nestled in with Shakerley’s work. Mapplethorpe’s deep dive inside of a culture to share the raw reality as he did in, “The Perfect Moment” is not unlike that of “Rainbow” by Joth Shakerley. The look at the human form and emotional state this form can embody, is another way you can view this kindred spirit.

Shakerley’s book “Rainbow” was created with love and respect for the rainbow movement of which he has been intimately connected and photographing since 1986 as a 20 year old experiencing the connected human and nature symbiosis our modern world tends to forget. The book is a celebration of profound moments seen through his lens and experienced in real time over more than 30 years. Now held in a state of equilibrium for us all to enjoy, “Rainbow” is the celebration of love, freedom, heart connection and healing in the wild beauty of nature.  

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