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The Revenge of Mr Cecil

Exploring contemporary society’s preoccupation with physical perfection, popular culture and celebrity... Zoobs acknowledges the seductive allure of beauty, fame and wealth, while recognising the troubling psychological, emotional and physical consequences of blindly pursuing these goals...

Xiomara - Joth Shakerey

Inviting us, through photography, to heal and reconnect with our own hearts and to deeply connect with others. Shakerley's meditations on the heart of the human experience find new expression in Rainbow; a celebration of the legendary Rainbow Gatherings...

Wing - Pete Rey Fine Art

Inspired by meditational practice where one can often see auras and movements of light, Rey takes original photographs and transforms these into entirely new works through digital painting techniques, producing breathtaking pieces of large format art...

See No Hear No Speak No (Anniversary Issues) 4k copy.jpg

Reimagining our ordinary to elevate it to something extraordinary, Mitchell strives to find unique ways of adding visual layers to his imagery, using different techniques and mediums, to create original and thought provoking works of art...

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